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Healing through Yoga w. Alicia Thomsen DC.

Restorativ workshop med studiets vidunderlige gæsteunderviser, Amerikanske Kiropraktor og Yogalærer Alicia Thomsen

Lørdag den 2 November  kl 15.00-17.00 

Autumn is a time of going inward. As the trees lose their leaves and send energy into their core and roots, we can use this time to also get quiet and come home to ourselves in a simpler more connected way.
Alicia beskriver workshoppen med disse ord:

This Restorative workshop will focus on invoking the body’s natural healing response.

Yoga as a holistic healing system has the potential to mend a stressed nervous system, quiet the mind and create an inner environment which supports healing. The variation of poses will focus on both upper and lower extremity with pauses for pranayama to create an atmosphere of well-being and calm.

When you make the time to care for yourself, the deeper intelligence within the body works more optimally to do what it does best- heal.

The body is a self healing system, it just needs the right environment.

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