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Hips & Shoulders –  A 6 week Yoga series with Alicia Thomsen, DC

Tuesdays 10.30-12.00 Dates: 3/11 – 10/11 – 17/11 – 24/11 – 1/12 – 8/12
The hips and shoulders are a unique area as they are the 2 ball and socket joints of the body. This means by nature they have a great deal of mobility and the muscles in turn must provide stability. These 2 areas are often a source of pain or discomfort but also simply feel good when opened.
In the 6 week course we will dedicate the practice to both opening hips & shoulders with stretching as well as strengthening through engagement. After these 2 main movers in the body are worked, an overall feeling of flow and balance is often experienced. Join us. Space is limited!

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