Relax into Summer, A restorative workshop with Alicia Thomsen, DC (English) 4 August 15.00-17.00

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Relax into Summer: Restorative workshop with Alicia Thomsen, DC (English)

Lørdag den 4 August kl. 15.00-17.00

Alicia Thomsen, Yogalærer, kiropraktor og utrolig velbevandret i kroppens anatomi og bevægelighed, gæster Living Studios med en 2 timers Restorativ Yoga workshop som stimulerer kroppens naturlige healingsproces og skaber balance i nervesystemet.

Workshoppen er bygget op med intentionen om at slippe dybe spændinger, fordybe din forståelse af stillingerne samt overgive dig i meditative sekvenser og åndedrætsøvelser.
Alicia vil dele ud af hendes erfaring og viden om kroppen og yoga og du kan være med uanset niveau og forkundskab.
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12 på lager



Relax into Summer, A restorative workshop with Alicia Thomsen, DC (English)

Glæd dig til 2 timers restorativ yoga workshop med kiropraktor og yogalærer Alicia Thomsen fra USA.

Alicia beskriver her hvad du kan se frem til:

Summer invites a slowing down of our busy schedules to repair, soothe and rest from our normal routines. A time which is so important and can often be overlooked.

This workshop will focus on the feet, legs hips and lower back- our root system. When the yoga poses are targeted to this area, it leaves us feeling grounded and connected with the earth, more relaxed in our bodies and able to move towards our greater purpose.

A 2-hour Restorative Yoga practice designed to release tension in the body, deepen your understanding of the poses with time for meditative pauses and breathwork.

This style of Yoga stimulates the body’s natural healing response and balances the nervous system. Alicia shares her knowledge of the body throughout the Yoga practice in a way that is approachable for all levels. Expect hands on adjustments.

Space is limited to 12 participants. 

As a Chiropractor and yoga teacher, Dr. Alicia Thomsen has a unique approach to health and wellness. With 17 years of international work experience in the US and Europe, her background blends science-based anatomy and biomechanics with the ancient eastern healing arts.

A classically trained Ballet dancer and native of California, Alicia has immersed herself in the study of body alignment and therapeutic movement from a very young age. She grew into a teacher in the vibrant Yoga scene of San Francisco, completing over 500-hours of teacher training at the internationally recognized and highly regarded, YogaWorks. Alicia eventually joined the YogaWorks faculty, teaching public classes and the 200-hour Teacher Training curriculum.

As a healthcare professional, Alicia brings you intelligent and informed Yoga classes where her competence and understanding of the body shines through in her teaching. She frequently sees clients for individualized lessons and bodywork treatments.

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